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Non-Surgical Hair Regrowth Therapy


Hair loss is an increasingly common problem for both men and women. It will affect around two thirds of men aged over 35, and about half of women by the time they turn 50. Hair loss can have a huge impact on individuals, causing stress, depression and a loss of self-confidence.



Why am I losing my hair? What can I do about it?

There are several causes behind hair thinning or hair loss. In the case of male pattern baldness, the primary reason is genetic, men inherit baldness from their parents. Hormone imbalance is another common trigger, too much or too little thyroid hormone in the body can lead to hair loss. For women, the hormonal imbalances that affect hair growth can occur following childbirth or during the menopause. Nutritional deficiencies are also known to cause hair loss, with low intake of zinc, iron or Vitamin B among the most common deficiencies. Some cases of baldness can be attributed to periods of stress or anxiety in a person’s life. Finally, instances of illness and the use of medications such as chemotherapy can cause the hair to fall out.

So how can we prevent hair from getting thinner? Common medical treatments which are prescribed to restore the hair include Minoxidil, a solution which when applied to the scalp increases blood circulation to promote hair growth. Alternatively, there is Propecia, an oral medicine which blocks the male hormone DHT, known to speed up hair loss. Beyond medication, one could opt for the surgical option of having hair transplants. This involves removing an area of skin on the scalp that has healthy hair growth and transplanting it to the areas of the scalp that are balding. Finally, there is hair regenerative treatment, using regeneration technology to stimulate hair growth.

What is Hair Regenerative Treatment and how does it work?

Hair regenerative treatment is a non-surgical, long term solution for hair loss. It uses the rejuvenative properties of regenerating cells to heal damaged hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth.
Our personalized hair regeneration treatment program includes 5 steps:

1.Specialized testing to find out the primary causes of your hair loss:

  • Hair Analysis
    Understand your hair condition and growth cycle through microscopic analysis of your hair follicles and scalp.
  • Nutritional testing
    Understand how your micro-nutrient levels (eg. B vitamins, Zinc) are affecting the health and growth of your hair.
  • Hormone testing
    Analyze your hormone function and levels (eg. cortisone, sex hormones, thyroid hormone) that affect the quality and healthiness of your hair.
  • Heavy metal testing
    Determine what heavy metals (eg. mercury, lead) are present in the body and thus affecting the quality and growth of your hair.

2. Scalp Peel Treatment

A deep scalp clean that removes excess oil and impurities.

3. Growth Factor Therapies

An advanced scientific combination of hair regenerative treatment and hair growth factor serum is applied. Designed to rejuvenate and repair the cells and regrow the hair, it contains a high concentration of  small protein signals and DHT blocker and is produced either from your own body or from a placenta solution.

4. Nutritional Supplementation

Nutritional deficiencies are addressed using pharmaceutical-grade supplements that promote hair growth.

5. Home Care Hair Products

Hair growth serum and shampoo provide continued support of the growth factors and nutrients to maintain optimal hair growth.

What can you expect during and after the treatment?

The treatment has few side effects and is absolutely safe. The patient may feel a mild pinprick during the injection procedure. Our hair life cycle is 54 days, most clients can see visibly improved hair growth 2-3 months after the first treatment.


FREE hair and scalp assessment

As not all patients and their hair loss conditions are the same, if you would like to know  more about the benefits of our hair regenerative treatment, call our hair practitioner today at 2881 8131 or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a free hair and scalp assessment!