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Meet LifeClinic's new face in Mental Well-being

Meet LifeClinic's new face in Mental Well-being.

We are proud to introduce our new practitioners

New Practitioners, Dr Ken & Frank Leung, join LifeClinic.

Are you looking for a gentle detox?

Before the summer hits, are you looking for a gentle detox? Or maybe it's time to press the reset button. Either way, your cleansing opportunity is at hand. We're introducing Colon Hydrotherapy at LifeClinic, which will help you to hydrate and release excess waste for better overall wellbeing. 

Look younger and fresher this Mother's Day

Sagging face, hollow eyes, stubborn wrinkles...those signs are pretty annoying as they make you look tired and old. And it's especially common for those busy mothers who need to take care everyone in the family and the stressful parents who work in long hours. Do there have any choice to make you look younger and fresher immediately without magic or surgery?

Chinese New Year break

Please note that we will closed from 1 to 10 February 2019, over the Chinese New Year break.