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Detox - Fact, Fantasy or Fad?

Last week there was a 6-page article in the South China Morning Post Magazine reporting how polluted our food is in Hong Kong. Should we be alarmed?
What can we do about it to protect ourselves and our family.

In the Life Clinic seminar, Detox - Fact, Fantasy or Fad on Wednesday, July 27th at 6:30pm, Dr Stephen Chan and Holistic Nutritionist, Miles Price will help you to separate fact from fiction and understand the truth behind environmental toxins and the effect they have on our health. You will appreciate whether it is really necessary to "detox", and if so, how to do it safely.

  • Where environmental pollutants come
  • from and how the body deals with them.
  • How every one is different with their ability to remove these chemicals, and how to find out how you are doing.
  • How to find out if you have absorbed too much heavy metals, including mercury, lead and arsenic, and their effects.
  • How to successfully remove these chemicals from the body.
  • The role of chelation in reducing heavy metal toxicity.
  • Which foods are safe to eat.
  • Which supplements support a safe and effective detoxification.

Three simple detox remedies for youth and health you can start today:

  • Have Lemon juice with water at the start of every day. This gently Alkalises the body.
  • Take Milk thistle herb, this helps the liver to detoxify better.
  • Add Boston Ferns and Spider Plants to your living space - they help to detoxify the air naturally!

You are cordially invited to attended this seminar on:

Date: wednesday, 27th July, 2011 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Venue: Room 1702
New World Tower One
16-18 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong

Cost: Free of charge (first come first served)

Please reserve your seat below and tell us if you will bring a friend.

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Call us at 2881 8131 or
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