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Life Clinic Seminar on 25 Jun"20 minutes to long-lasting spine and joint pain relief"

"20 Minutes to long lasting spine & joint pain relief"-Introducing, for the first in time in Hong Kong, Master Stanley's
Tai Chi Dorn Therapy

Are you in pain? Are you feeling tired all the time? Is it causing you stress and difficulty focusing at work or in your daily life? You have tried everything - physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage...and more - all help for a short time but then the pain returns.

"Tai Chi Dorn Therapy "is a fast, painless and effective therapy for joint and related pain problems founded by Master Stanley Cheung. With over 20 years experience in practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi, Master Stanley combines Germany's most widely used spine-alignment therapy with the mind-focusing Chinese Tai Chi exercise for superior results. The resulting Tai Chi Dorn Therapy not only improves joint and spine function faster than many traditional therapies, but helps maintain the benefits with a few simple home exercises.

How does Tai Chi Dorn Therapy work?
It is the muscles' nature to hold the joints and the spine together. When the joints and the spine are out of the normal position, the muscles holding such "wrong" position causes pain. Tai Chi Dorn Therapy corrects such misalignments by a dynamic, moving action. Master Stanley uses his hands gently on the problematic areas, while the patient is directed to do simple movements such as swinging the legs or the arms. The actions together achieve a relaxed state at which the joints and the bones realign back into their original, correct position.
During the therapy, patients are shown simple Tai Chi exercises that can be easily practiced at home to achieve long term pain relief.
Many patients experienced an immediate improvement of their pain level after the first treatment. Some require 3 or 4 treatments. It is particularly effective for those suffering from neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee or foot pain.


At this Life Clinic Seminar on 25 Jun, you will learn:

• What causes your pain?
• What is Tai Chi Dorn Therapy and how it works.
• How Tai Chi Dorn Therapy is different from other treatments you may have tried.
• How to reduce pain, increase flexibility and increase energy in 20 minutes
• Simple Tai Chi exercises you can perform at home to stay out of pain
• Real case demonstration and free trial will be available for a few lucky participants.

Speaker: Master Stanley Cheung, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Date: Jun 25th 2015, Thursday 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Venue: Room 1702, New World Tower One, 16-18 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Seats: Limited to first 20 (Priority given to those who have reserved their seats & paid)

Cost: $120 in advance | $200 at door  (Refreshments included)

Payment: by paypal, by cheque or in person (cash / credit card)

To Register: Register online, call us at 2881 8131, or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.