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Optimising Musculoskeletal health with Nutrition and Manual therapy

80% of people suffer from lower back pain sometime in their life and 1 in 10 of these will last more than 3 months costing time of work, productivity and quality of life. Neck pain, joint pain, muscle stiffness, or recurrent sports injuries can be equally disabling.

Standard treatments like rest, anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy help many, but for some, seem to not work so well.  For these, there may be an underlying nutritional deficiency, low-grade inflammation or a build up of deep restrictive scar tissue all impairing healing and recovery.

In this Life Clinic seminar, Holistic Nutritionist Miles Price and Fascial Therapist, Richard Wickes, will look at some of the reasons why chronic muscle, joint and tendon pain may occur, and some nutritional and manual strategies that may help get rid of them for good.

In this Life Clinic Seminar, you will learn:

  • Why conditions of the spine, joints, muscles and tendons sometimes won't heal
  • Which nutrients are essential for effective recovery
  • How you can use food to reduce chronic low-grade inflammation
  • How these same foods may also protect against Alzheimer’s, heart disease and accelerated aging
  • How a Healthy gut is essential for Healthy joints
  • How injury can leave deep scar tissue that causes symptoms in other parts of the body
  • How releasing these adhesions, can resolve decade-long pains in a few sessions
  • How to lead a healthy, happy, pain-free life


  • Mr Miles Price, Holistic Nutritionist
  • Mr Richard Wickes, Manual Therapist

Date: Thu 10th May 2012, 6.30 -8.00pm

Venue: Room 1702
New World Tower One
16-18 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong

Cost: Free of charge (first come first served)

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