Life Clinic

Healing Chronic Pelvic problems through an integrated approach

Fibroids, endometriosis and cysts of the breast and ovaries have seen a dramatic rise in the last 25 years, and were virtually unheard of 100 years ago!
They account for over 50% of women's pelvic problems, and cause misery, suffering and unnecessary worry to millions of women worldwide. Conventional medical treatment focuses on symptom control and monitoring, but does little to address the underlying causes.

In the Life Clinic seminar, Medical Director, Dr Stephen Chan, Holistic Nutritionist, Miles Price and Manual Therapist, Richard Wickes will look at why these conditions occur, and what innovative treatments are available to deal with them.

In the seminar, you will learn:

  • What causes fibroids, cysts and heavy or painful periods
  • How hormone imbalance underlies many of these conditions.
  • How every-day household items can make them worse
  • How having a strong detoxification pathway is important to restore balance
  • Which foods and nutrients are vital to heal these conditions
  • How to know if your hormones are imbalanced
  • The role of bio-identical hormones
  • How pelvic pain can be caused by adhesions
  • How adhesions can effect the function of the ovaries and adrenal glands
  • How releasing adhesions can help restore their balance


  • Dr Stephen Chan, Medical Director
  • Miles Price, Holistic Nutritionist
  • Richard Wickes, Manual Therapist

Date: Wed 7th Mar 2012, 6.30 -8.00pm

Venue: Room 1702
New World Tower One
16-18 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong

Cost: Free of charge (first come first served)

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