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Top Asia models Jocelyn and Anthony partner up with Life Clinic

Jocelyn Luko & Anthony Sandstrom join Life ClinicCelebrity model couple Jocelyn Luko and Anthony Sandstrom have partnered up with the Life Clinic.

Jocelyn and Anthony credit their phenonmenal modeling success to having a healthy lifestyle, keeping a positive mindset, and being passionate about helping others.

After being inspired by the Life Clinic and the holistic approach to helping people look and feel younger, Jocelyn and Anthony saw a perfect opportunity of combining their performance coaching skills and natural remedies with the Life Clinic’s medical anti-aging treatments.

Together, they saw the possiblity of helping more people achieve what they want to in life through a combination of individualised mind, body and soul stratgies and help people  live healthy, happy and successful lives.

Jocelyn and Anthony will be providing:

  • Performance coaching (mind)
  • Natural superfood supplements (body)
  • Advice on other health strategies that have helped them reach the top of their personal career and fitness.