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This is the world’s most popular medical beauty treatment.

Botox® is a purified version of nature’s Botulinum toxin, that has the unique property of blocking muscle contraction. Although called a toxin, it is entirely safe and in small amounts can stop the excessive muscle contractions that cause lines around the eyes, forehead and nose. The result is a natural reduction in wrinkles. It can be used to soften a square jaw, reduce sweaty armpits and reduce excessively large calf muscles for those who love high heels.

With minimal discomfort, Botox® normally only takes about 20mins, popularizing it as a lunchtime procedure in many countries. Results normally last 3-4 months, but vary from individual to individual. Most clients love the quick results and will repeat their Botox® treatments 2-3 times a year.

Although Botox® is the market leader, other versions of Botulinum toxin such as Dysport® (from Europe) and Siax® (from Korea) are also available on request for the price conscious.

Used for: Wrinkle Reduction, Facial Contouring

Before and After Treatment

Before and after photo using Scultra


What people are saying:

 Age 42, a teacher, female- “Excellent, professional, expert care in a relaxing environment

Time spent ensuring everything was perfect, very pleased with the results

 Staff are helpful and friendly”

Age 47, female- "The place is comfortable . The nurse is very nice, the doctor spend a lot of time during the treatment. They doctor is very skillful and kind"

"i had very apparent, dynamic forehead lines. The area was cleaned and small amount of Botox injected into the forehead. After the treatment i found no wrinkles,but very natural so there's not that "frozen" look"

Age 47, trainner, female -"Doctor and nurse are extremely professional and welcoming, and i can't recommend Life Clinic highly enough. Even though I'm no longer based in Hong Kong. I still fly back for treatments."

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