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Is aging inevitable? The truth about turning back the clock.

 A common perception among many is that the aches and pains that come with aging are an inescapable part of getting older and that we have to just accept them.

Dr Stephen Chan disagrees. “The most widespread misconception about getting older is that we can't do anything about it, and that simply isn't true.  There's a lot we can do, and we just have to understand the process of ageing,” he says.


What are Free Radicals

What are Free Radicals and how does it effect us? Watch this video to find out more.


Cancer - A review of the Nutritional Therapies in the Management of Cancer.

Cancer cellOne in three people will contract cancer in their lifetime. Compared to the early 20th century cancer was seen as a rare disease. In Hong Kong the number of new cancer cases are rises by on average 2% per year, the most common cancers being lung, colorectal, Liver and stomach. Factors like urbanisation, adoption of the western diet (trans Ffats and sugar), increasing pollution and an aging population all influence the incidence of particular cancers in Hong kong.


Vitamins may reduce cancer risk in men

VitaminsVitamins may reduce cancer risk in men, study finds taking a daily multivitamin pill may lower the risk of developing cancer in men, US researchers have claimed.


Are my fibroids, cysts or menstrual problems related to what I eat?

Convenience foodIn today’s convenience-led culture, many of the “convenience food” we consume puts us at risk of being exposed to toxins like xeno-estrogen, which interferes with our hormones.