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Look Your Best This Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to prepare yourself to look the best to meet all your family and friends!

Check out this Christmas gift from Life Clinic! 

It started with a “Yes” that changed Joey Chu’s beauty regime

Joey ChuA caring, down-to-earth, friend magnet, Joey is a busy Assistant Manager and Beauty Therapist for Life Clinic that has transformed her beauty and health routine in order to look her best for her big day in December 2016.


Healing is Voltage

vitalityThe human body’s micro-voltage (electricity) is a key part of your achieving health. A healthy balanced body maintains an optimal level of electricity, allowing the brain to communicate immediately with the organs in your body, as well as facilitate healthy reproduction of new cells.

The Latest in Anti-aging Skin Technology, VENUS VIVA, Has Just Arrived in Life Clinic

The latest in anti-aging skin technology, VENUS VIVA, has just arrived in Life Clinic. It is a revolutionary skin rejuvenating medical device that significantly reduces facial wrinkles, fine lines and skin irregularities...

New Anti-aging Treatment to Firm & Soften Your Skin in 15 Minute

The Life Clinic is glad to announce as one of the first clinics in Hong Kong to provide this revolutionary treatment: INNOFILL RF Firming!