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Fully integrated anti-aging clinic in Hong Kong

We are one of the first fully integrated health and vitality centre of its kind in Hong Kong, focusing on treating all aspects of aging.

We provide treatment and services for both internal and external anti-aging, including Hormone Balancing, Nutritional Support, Aesthetic and Cosmetic treatments to help our clients live healthy, energetic, confident lives, no matter what age they are.

New & Popular Anti-Aging Treatments

Balanced Hormones
Balanced Hormones

Balancing your hormones can help relieve many of the symptoms of aging including tiredness, sleep problems, mood swings and weight gain.

Bio-identical Hormones Treatment
Firmer Skin
Firmer Skin

Thread Lifts and Sculptra are the latest treatments to tighten the skin on the face and neck by stimulating your own collagen.

View Thread Lift Treatment
Ideal Body Weight
Slim Body

Our advanced weight loss system is designed to help you lose maximal weight with minimal hardship.

View Weight Loss Program




Upcoming Events

Life Clinic Seminar on 25 Jun"20 minutes to long-lasting spine and joint pain relief"

Are you in pain? Are you feeling tired all the time? Is it causing you stress and difficulty focusing at work or in your daily life? You have tried everything - physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage...and more - all help for a short time but then the pain returns.

Seminar date: 25th June 2015, Thursday 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Clinic News

Healing is Voltage

The human body’s micro-voltage (electricity) is a key part of your achieving health. A healthy balanced body maintains an optimal level of electricity, allowing the brain....


The Latest in Anti-aging Skin Technology, VENUS VIVA, Has Just Arrived in Life Clinic

The latest in anti-aging skin technology, VENUS VIVA, has just arrived in Life Clinic. It is a revolutionary skin rejuvenating medical device that significantly reduces fac....


New Anti-aging Treatment to Firm & Soften Your Skin in 15 Minute

The Life Clinic is glad to announce as one of the first clinics in Hong Kong to provide this revolutionary treatment: INNOFILL RF Firming!